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PH14 phono preamp

high quality phono only preamp uses a total of three 12AX7 tubes, two for gain, one as an output buffer;
gain is 44db for use with MM cartridges or medium to high output MC cartridges, you can add an external SUT for use with low output MC cartridges

PH-14 PCB assembled preamp
$395 plus $25 shipping in USA
black aluminum chassis

takes about 3 weeks from order to ship date

PH-14 complete kit,
chassis, PCB, transformer, tubes, all parts
$395 plus $30 shipping in USA

PH-14 assembled PCB
$139 plus $12 shipping in USA

PH14 PCB kit $119 plus $11 shipping in USA
ask about tube upgrades such as
Tungsol 5751 or Mullard CV4004 short plate
or Genelex B759
PH14 power transformer $36 plus $13 shipping in USA
PH-14 tube set $90 plus $5 shipping in USA
PH-14 resistor upgrade, PRP in signal path, add $20
(this option for KITS only! )
PH-14 capacitor upgrade, 6x Mundorf EVO Oil in signal path, add $105

which tube phono preamp should you choose??

Here's a description of the differences between the PH14 and PH16 . . .
The PH14 is very good, a clone of the famous EAR834P. (discontinued by manufacture many years ago, priced at $2500).
Has a very classic vintage sound, kind of mellow, sounds great but not as transparent and revealing of detail

On the other hand, the PH16 is as good as it gets, very transparent, very revealing, not mellow but not clinical like a SS phono pre.
Much better separation and definition due to dual mono power supplies, and also super quiet. Compare to an ARC PH5 at $2500.

Also available, our premium grade PH16 phono preamp.

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 tubes 4 hifi
 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"