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 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"

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ST35 amplifier

this is our new low-powered tube amp, available as KIT or ASSEMBLED

This is based on a popular amplifier kit that sells for $1200, our basic KIT price is $600 or ASSEMBLED for $800. Includes all tubes.
Standard configuration is a pure tube amplifier, with one pair of inputs, one pair of speaker outputs, and a power switch.
Options include a volume control with knob, a rotary selector switch with knob, and a power switch with matching knob, on a custom machined front panel.
The basic kit includes the RCA jacks and speaker connectors, but no holes drilled in the rear panel. A custom machined rear panel is available.
This is a push-pull tube amp using four of the great sounding EL84 tubes, with 6BL8/ECF80 type tubes as drivers. Auto-bias, no adjustments needed.

PCB kits back in stock, transformers back in stock mid-April

BASIC full kit $600 plus $25 shipping in USA
BASIC fully assembled ST35 amp $800 plus $30 shipping in USA
add $30 for volume control and knob
PCB kit with parts for PCB $100
not including tubes or transformers
standard transformer set $180
tube set $80
4 - EH EL84, 2 NOS ECF80
add $25 for 2 more pairs of RCAs and rotary selector switch/knob
add $80 custom machined rear panel(3pr RCAs IN, 2pr triple speaker posts, AC power)
add $70 custom machined front panel (selector, volume, power)
upgraded transformer set $280
two Dyna Z565 OPTs and toroid power
upgraded transformer set $280
2 ultra premium toroid OPTs and toroid power

larger 16" wide chassis available, same price, more room and runs cooler inside
also, upgrade to any output capacitors of your preference, just ask for price via email
standard caps are Audyn or Solen, upgrade to SoniCap, AuriCap, ThetaCap, Mundorf, or whatever you like!

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 tubes 4 hifi
 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"