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 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"

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Over the past couple months I've been working on new products that amazingly don't cost more, they actually cost less!
I don't have photos yet (very soon, keep posted), but I think some readers will want to email me to get on a waiting list (not more than a couple weeks at most).

Only one of these built so far . . . SP7 preamp, based on the famous & original Marantz 7 circuits, this preamp has some premium features so it's not cheap but not expensive either. Only available as a finished product. Phono and Line preamps, and dual gains with master volume. 4 inputs. $890 ready to play.

The SP8 preamp is back! This was my best selling product before the SP12 & SP14. Phono and Line preamp, full kits starting at $490

SP11 preamp . . . OK, here's the deal !! This is a special edition of the SP12 in a tiny chassis, 2 or 3 inputs, and only $525 -fully assembled read to play!! That's about half the price of the standard SP12. Same exact circuit design, just a different chassis and power supply. Best sound & best price except for my premium SP14.

ST35 amplifier . . . not the Dynaco version, but does use the great sounding EL84 tubes in a chassis that matches the high end SP12 & SP14 preamps $650 full kit plus tubes, or $750 with all tubes. Add 3-4 inputs and a volume control for a full integrated version for $60 more.
Here's a photo of one I'm currently building . . . based on the AudioNote L1 amp kit that sells for $1100

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email me at for more info or to get in line to buy.

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  tubes 4 hifi
 "the path of least resistance is through a vacuum"